Serial Entrepreneur Frank Addante Launches Startup Studio and Venture Fund Focused on

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Frank Addante, founder of five businesses worth more than $5 billion, and Brynn Moynihan, senior technology and marketing leader, are reuniting to address the growing gap between social and environmental initiatives and the startup entrepreneurs and ideas that address them. TinkerBarn Ventures is a new impact-focused startup studio and early stage venture fund.

“After retiring at the age of 41, it gave me the time and space to reflect on today’s social and environmental challenges, and how I could help. That’s when I had the idea for TinkerBarn Ventures. It combines my passions for building things and doing good, by helping entrepreneurs build valuable business that will have a positive impact on the world,” said Frank Addante, co-creator of TinkerBarn Ventures. “With $300 billion of global venture capital today, the world needs startups to innovate faster to address important social and environmental initiatives that are top of mind. Our goal is to incubate and accelerate impact focused ideas with entrepreneurs to execute faster and better. I’m excited to partner with Brynn on this as she shares my passion for doing good, tinkering with entrepreneurs on impactful ideas, and building winning businesses.”

Impact investing is a growing, emerging business opportunity. While over 1,500 corporations and governments have made social and environmental pledges, solutions are lagging. TinkerBarn Ventures believes that the innovation to address these initiatives will come from startups. Addante and Moynihan created TinkerBarn Ventures to help impact-focused entrepreneurs incubate and accelerate their ideas. Their mission is to change the world in a big way through the little things that matter most.

“Capitalism and goodness don’t need to be mutually exclusive,” said Addante. “Doing good is good business as evidenced by an International Finance Corp. study that reports that impact investments can deliver high returns, outperforming the S&P 500 index by 15%.”

TinkerBarn Ventures comprises a startup incubator and accelerator, the TinkerBarn Studio, and an early-stage venture fund, the TinkerBarn Fund.

  • TinkerBarn Studio works very closely with entrepreneurs to help them further develop their ideas by providing them with resources they need to build a successful business–including business infrastructure, mentorship, marketing, and execution. A key component of the Studio is the Founder Distraction Platform, which manages the day-to-day operations and administration of a young startup, enabling entrepreneurs to focus their efforts where they can deliver the greatest impact.
  • TinkerBarn Fund is a pre-seed to seed venture fund.

“COVID has changed the world and shined a new light on social and environmental issues,” said Brynn Moynihan, co-creator of TinkerBarn Ventures. “This is a great time for innovation. The massive disruption caused by the pandemic has changed human behavior and has created opportunities to build new ideas, and to tackle old and new problems in brand new ways. With TinkerBarn, we’re investing our time, resources and capital in ideas and startups that have the potential to change the world in positive and impactful ways, because we believe that doing good is simply good business.”

Addante and Moynihan bring decades of experience and results to the venture. Addante has more than two decades of experience as a successful repeat entrepreneur, having founded five businesses worth more than $5 billion dollars in market value, $1 billion in sales, $300 million capital raised and resulting in two IPOs and four acquisitions. Addante also serves on the boards of the Park City Education Foundation and the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies. While Moynihan brings more than a decade of experience as a seasoned marketer and executive with a track record of innovating, launching and rapidly scaling user adoption, revenue and company valuations including marketing strategies that led to $2 billion dollars in acquisition values.

For Entrepreneurs: To submit an impact focused idea or business plan visit

For Investors: To invest with TinkerBarn Fund visit

About TinkerBarn Ventures

TinkerBarn Ventures is an impact focused startup studio and early stage venture fund based in Park City, Utah. Founded by Frank Addante, a successful repeat entrepreneur who founded 5 businesses worth more than $5 billion, including 2 IPOs and 4 acquisitions, and Brynn Moynihan, a senior technology and marketing leader, TinkerBarn was created to help entrepreneurs innovate to address today’s social and environmental initiatives. Our mission is to change the world in a big way through the little things that matter most by building and investing in startups with impact. We go beyond just being a strategic advisor and get hands on with startups to help their founders execute faster and better. This enables us to invest with greater confidence thanks to our involvement in and deep-rooted knowledge of the companies in our Studio incubator and accelerator. Our Fund is technology focused at the pre-seed and seed level. To learn more about us visit

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