Institutional Investors Co-Led Series B Financing of Amador Bioscience, a Global

According to Dr. Bing Wang, CEO and Chairman of the Board, ” Amador Bioscience’s mission is to leverage our extensive industry experience and ecosystem to provide global-standard services for efficient development of novel drugs. As demonstrated by the company logo, Amador strives to bridge across nonclinical and clinical development stages, and across China and other countries. As a global vendor for multinational pharmaceutical companies, Amador duly keeps the confidentiality and non-competition obligations for global clients. We are very grateful for the trust and support of Sequoia and Hillhouse, co-leads of Series B financing. Through effective collaboration with biopharmaceutical companies, we aim to establish Amador as one of the leading global partners for successful new drug development.”

Amador’s Series B financing will be used for strengthening clinical pharmacology business, development and commercialization of a novel clinical pharmacology software platform, application of AI and machine learning in clinical data analysis, expansion of global bioanalytical facilities, and conduct of clinical pharmacology trials.  Operations are conducted in multiple sites, which include, Pleasanton, CA, Richmond VA, Germantown MD, Hangzhou and Shanghai, China.

Regarding this round of financing, Ms. Trency Gu, Managing Director of Sequoia Capital China, said: “For the past two decades, Amador Bioscience team has accumulated extensive industry and regulatory filing experience at well-known multinational pharmaceutical companies. The company is actively supporting hundreds of novel drug projects, and accelerating their progress towards global marketing approvals. We are fully committed to support Amador’s future growth.”

GL Ventures said:” As biomarkers and multi-omics studies are becoming increasingly important in drug development, the dimensionality and challenges of clinical research rapidly escalade. Amador Bioscience has brought in machine learning for clinical data modeling and simulation, which could accelerate the computer model development and improve overall efficiency. We are excited about the growth potential of Amador and look forward to its ability to better serve global clients.”

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